Comparing Scholarly and Experimental Archives

The Rosetti Archive:

I find it interesting that this archive is at the same time a straight archive of information, as well as an examination of why that information is important. The “Exhibits and Objects” page is a combination of archived paintings, as well as a description of the relationship between Dante’s painting and poetry as well as a history of their creation. It’s good for a reader who, like myself, might have come to the archive without fully knowing who Rosetti is.

The Stolen Time Archive:

The Stolen Time Archive though, was much less mundane. It was really bizarre and confusing at first, as I’m used to archive’s just being searchable repositories of text and pictures. I’m still not entirely sure what the point of the archive was, but it really did engage me as the reader. Without giving any overarching explanation or history of the project, as the Rosetti Archive did, it was able to convey a bit of a narrative through old documents, pictures, and what looked like technology advertisements. I also liked that at the end of the experience you’re provided with output on what your involvement with the archive looked like. I’m definitely going to go look at it again to see if I missed anything, or if the experience changes if you choose a different symbol upon entering the archive.


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