Energy Podcast

This podcast is centered on the need to incorporate many different sources of energy generation into our overall energy needs and to have products that can offer the flexibility to use varying sources of energy to diversify demand.

I found this assignment allowed me to explore a little creativity in the structure, format, and presentation of the material. I really enjoyed having the ability to explore the different media options and develop them as needed. The ability to thread many types of media together was very interactive and challenging at times. The overall duration of the material I found to pose some challenges in providing details to support or argue our position but the ability to combine audio, video, and text simultaneously provided much-needed substance and support to the subject.

I deeply underestimated the time I assumed it would take to compose a two-minute podcast. Structuring the material in a way that allowed it build on each other and lend each source to support the underlying argument proved very time-consuming. Although I really enjoyed the asignment I do not anticipate generating a weakly podcast at ANY point in the future.


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