Evan’s Podcast

My Podcast was about Alcohol Advertising, and what kind of effect it is having on youth under the age of 21.  It was interesting to see both sides of the story.  Before I researched the topic, I had pretty much assumed that the alcohol industry did not care whether or not they were advertising to youth or not, because that is all I had ever heard on reports from the news, or from articles.  Researching the topic led me to discover that there actually is a lot of self regulation from within the alcohol industry, which I found interesting.
While making my podcast, I used the Windows Movie Maker program, which was incredibly easy to use.  It was very friendly, and I was able to self teach myself everything I needed to know.  The features are pretty simple and very effective.  The only difficult part was changing my video into a .wmv file, but once I figured that out, the rest was simple. Also, my video is only 2 minutes long, but for some reason it says it is like 7 minutes long. After the 2 minute video, there’s like 5 minutes of black silence on the screen.  I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of that either.

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