Master Cleanse EXPOSED


My major is biology pre-med. I chose an extremely specific subject that leans toward the health/nutrition end of the medical spectrum. This podcast covers the “Master Cleanse,” a 10-day body detoxification diet that strictly prohibits the consumption of solid foods. Six to twelve glasses of the lemonade elixir (made of water, lemons, maple syrup, and a dash of cayenne pepper) is to be taken in for a minimum of 10 days. Being experimental with this so-called Master Cleanse myself, I already had some kind of foundation to base an opinion upon. This 10-day “cleanse” ruined lemons for me… No joke. I stayed solid after the first day, but by the evening of Day 2, I was ready to cave. And cave I did. It was more of a mental lapse rather than physical. I knew I had the stamina to handle the remainder of the diet, but my mind wouldn’t let me. Anyway, my podcast blatantly denounces the effectiveness of the Master Cleanse. I kind of feel like the topic itself tinkers on the edge of being relevant to my major. The prompt says to “present an analysis of some small topic” (which I did) “while also addressing its importance in the larger scope of the field” (uhmmmm?). I don’t think I did too good of a job regarding the latter, but I hope it can be considered at least adequate.

I honestly enjoyed working on this project. I wasn’t comfortable with recording my own voice, and I didn’t really feel that I could incorporate a voiceover in a professional manner, so I stuck to old-school presentational text. I wouldn’t consider myself tech-savvy, but I do enjoy toying with video editing, as time-consuming as it is. (When I say time-consuming, I mean that I went for hours on end tweaking the project and sometimes forgot to eat <- OH, THE IRONY!). This was my first-ever, formally-assigned podcast. Enjoy!

Watch in HD!


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