Mathematics Applied to Abstract Art

As usual, it was initially very difficult for me to come up with a topic for the podcast, relating to the major of mathematics. However, I am interested in geometric designs, which gave me the idea of incorporated math into this concept. It was almost as difficult to narrow my focus, but my research gradually led me to focus on abstract art. I’m glad I did this, for one because I can think of few other topics that would be appropriate, but also because it combined two things that I know a lot about and enjoy the subject of.

For my project I used Windows Movie Maker, which was not difficult, since I have used it several times in the past. However, due to many technical malfunctions the process was extremely time consuming. These include going between various computers, some with Movie Maker and Internet, but unfortunately usually only one of the two. Also, I went between Macs and PCs with my image and video files. To top that off, my computer was all the while disfunctional, requiring me to use a very old and very slow computer to create my movie on. These are only some of several other problems I faced in this process. However, the time factor excluded, I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I always have fun putting these types of things together, so I would say it was worth it in the end.


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