Podcast ~Natalie

I found this project very complicated because I went at it in the wrong way. At first I recorded on my computer then inserted it to power point thinking that it would be a straightforward process but it wasn’t, same for applying my edited video clip. I learned a lot about my laptop, how to download better version and clean up the system. Because I was having trouble with PowerPoint and downloading my  windows movie maker on my laptop, I decided to use a Mac. After going through a difficult time, I realized the Mac imovie was so much easier, it took me way less time. I used garageband to record and insert to imovie and then iphoto to get pictures from the web and put it in imovie. I wished I started out focused and opened minded about imovie on the Mac, because over all it was less complex then what I first thought and I wish I had more time because I could do so much more and make the video look like something you would see on the T.V

My project was was over understanding  basic economic principals and how they effect our government, I did it over stimulating the government to increase GDP .Over all the stimulus plans don’t work in the long run, because people consume rather then invest so that money goes to foreign markets. The government needs to form a whole new plan to increase GDP overall, which I personally think we should help out smaller business and have tax credits for good polices that relate to helping the job market, which would strengthen us as a whole.Over all this was my favorite project because it forced me to get out of my comfort zone because I never had to something like this. At first I hated it because nothing seemed to work but after understanding what doesn’t work and what does I enjoyed it. Now I have a better understanding of different systems and what works best with them, which is something that will be very useful in the future.


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