Technology and Autism

Before this project, I had never thought of a “podcast” including visual aspects. When I thought of a podcast, I always thought it was something off of iTunes that just played some boring guy talking about some boring topic. I learned that it can be more than that.

In creating this podcast, I drew on the area in my major that interests me most – autism. I also decided that since this is a DIGITAL humanities class, it should include something about technology. Therefore, I decided to talk about how technology has greatly affected the lives of those with autism. I began by writing down the facts I wanted to include; I then arranged them in the order I wanted to present. I recorded my voice first and arranged pictures, video, and text on top. This took way longer than I had ever anticipated, but I am thankful for the experience.

I learned a lot of things not only relating to digital humanities, but also autism. I always knew technology was significant in the lives of those affected by autism, but I didn’t know how drastic the numbers from research really were. I learned that this could be useful in my field. For instance if one of my clients is trying to get government funding, I could put together a podcast to send in. Moreover, not only am I well versed in iMovie now, but I also have a grasp on what a podcast really can be.


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