What is Art?

I absolutely loved this assignment!

It forced me to think about my major and questions I had concerning what communication truly is. When asked to analyze a specific topic that had to deal with communications I had a major panic attack. Not only did I have no idea what I to write/talk about, but I even considered changing my major just so i could choose a topic i was interested in.

Super stressed, I visited my communications professor, asking him, “What can I talk about that has anything to do with communications?”

We started talking about art and how much I love it. Turns out, our conversation morphed from my panic to a much deeper understanding of the very definition of communication. Suddenly, I was no longer hating this assignment, but enjoying it!

I’m totally not a tech savvy person, but luckily this class is also teaching me important technology life skills I have a feeling will come in handy for my future!


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