Bens Take on the Archives

For the archives I chose to look at the The Ecclesiastical Proust Archive and the The Rosetti Archive. I think our study on the archives bring to light an important issue about the difference between scholarly and Experimental sources for any type of information. I think it is critical to analyze how archives written in an experimental fashion can be skewed to present information that is favorable to the producers point of view. For example, someone with an agenda might only present archived information about how great their topic is and leave out any counter evidence that may support the opposite argument. Not to say that scholarly archives cant do the same thing, but usually scholarly archives are created to present an unbiassed source of information.

Both archives do however create a generally active user experience. They both try to get the user involved and explore further and further into the archives. They almost seem to have a somewhat game like quality attached to them. They allow the user to discover more information and give links to explore further and further, giving the user the reward of knowledge. I was extremely impressed with how user friendly and interactive both of the archives were.


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