Management Information Systems in the Brewing Industry

For my podcast I described how management information systems was used in the production of beer. I chose this topic because my major is MIS and brewing beer is a hobby of mine. Throughout this process I learned a lot about making podcasts. First of all I could not believe how difficult it was to make a podcast under two minutes. By the time you described what you were talking about the podcast should have already ended. Also I found recording the voice to be extremely difficult. With Imovie it seemed difficult to match up the voice with the pictures without chopping everything up. In addition, the podcast seemed so boring with just pictures and audio. It was like listening to a really boring book on tape. Thats why I decided to just record my podcast entirely by video. I feel like video podcasts allow the user to get a better picture of the topic.

All in all I did enjoy making the podcast, and I definitely have more respect for people who make podcasts for a living. Making a podcast is not something I want to do everyday but it was a unique experience.


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