Mapping and Social Networking

Mapping and Social Networking can be used for many things, many of us have never heard about. Our personal favorite probably being facebook and twitter but not everything in social networking has to be targeted to what you and your friends have to say. It could be informational. Like the airline data we played with in class. Although Gephi didn’t work as well as planned in class I can see the programs potential.

Mapping in CS, I think that this would be a great use in the teaching of CS so the students can see a visual representation of how all the methods and classes relate to one another. Sometimes seeing it all in one picture clears things right up and there is no more confusion. This semester is the first time I have ever took a programming class and so far all my teacher has used is the board and a marker. Everything in my notes is just writing after writing. Visuals would not only introduce another type of learning but would also make the class more exciting.

Mapping in Mathmatics, numbers do nothing but correlate so this could be used in so many different ways. I think it would be alot easier and more fun than dealing with Mathmatica. Ugh, that program can be frustrating.

As far as Social Networking goes I don’t see much room for it in the math and Science department because we are so analytical. There is no discussion really cause most things in math and science only have one answer. Maybe I’m just too narrow minded and don’t see a creative connection. The only thing that struck my mind was creating data on gephi to show wi-fi areas, so that no matter where you were you could find somewhere to go for internet service but thats just conveinence that has nothing to do with research or learning.

All in all, I had fun with this assignment. I don’t know if I will use Gephi again but it will remain on my computer just in case.


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