The Social networks and mapping.

My major is graphic design. All graphic designers use computers and are extremely visual in everything that they do. Social networking is a good way to communicate with each other. Especially if the artist does not know when something is. When you social network things it creates a new way to look at stuff. So in order to get things out or have a very good opinion on something when you need a public interest in the work you are creating then social networking is the way to go because it is so in and everybody uses it. Graphic designers are made and known to go with the future it also creates the future. For example, in advertising. they created new types of advertising and ways to see how people look at things. So social networking would help greatly.

As for mapping, I really dont think mapping would really help much in graphic design. When you map something then its organizing everything that you do. The best ideas in artists are the ones unknown and unplanned. So unless they are mapping a museum or something along those lines then it really wouldnt help all that much. There are ways a person can say it would because in advertising there is a way to organize the flow of the poster but that would also just be to the eye and not really planned out. A person would plan everything while they are making the product, not before.

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