Mapping and Social Network Analysis

In petroleum engineering there are lots of branches of business and process of retrieving the petroleum and gas products from under ground. Mapping and Network analysis would be a perfect way of organizing all that information in a way for people to present, understand, and read it.

One way is to map out the processes of drilling. Starting from the survey of the land, process of setting up the well, and the reports of the well as it produces products. Having one network analysis for each drilling project, that everyone could look at through out the process would keep everyone up to date, and on the same level.

There are thousands of employee’s and personnel that are part of each well and drilling exploration, and there are very many aspects and a lot of steps in planning a well. But, with the importance of the business and the worldwide dependence of oil, I think that mapping and network analysis should be manditory in organizing the work that we do.


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