Mapping and Social Network Analysis

Within the petroleum and gas industry I can envision a couple of uses for mapping and social network analysis. However, I am currently unaware of any ongoing use of this technique within the industry. First, to further understand or analyze the status and degree of investment a company or competitor has within ongoing wells. Mapping could be used to identify the various companies that have wells within a specific region, for example the United States. Most companies have a magnitude of wells and contracts that specify responsibility, operating structures and investment liabilities for each well. Mapping could identify where a company has the most investments, with what other organizations does a corporation have the most connections, and where significant liabilities may be present. Additional, this technique may allow for identification of competitors strategies and the direction of corporate goals.

On a much more individual scale I believe these techniques could identify relationships to aide in land and mineral acquisitions. You may be able to see a correlation to a specific land owner or deed holder that may have been difficult to locate and identify through traditional resources. Information about property owners, mineral owners, and various lease holders could be combined to combined to establish a clear image of a potential zone and clarify any dependencies within the titles past.


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