MIS and Data Mapping

Mapping is a huge part of Management Information Systems. Our job is based around our ability to map data. Although the type of mapping we did is slightly different than the mapping used in MIS, the principles behind the mapping are the same. We use mapping to show how data is related and how it can be linked to other data. Although at first it may not seem like an important function of MIS, data mapping is crucial to the success of databases. For example, say you have a database containing a million records and you need to add a new field. With a data map you can see which data is linked to each other, and therefore where the new data should be added.

In addition, I could also see social network analysis being used in the administration aspect of Management Information Systems. Management Information Systems is often used as an administrator of technology. With the use of social network analysis MIS professionals could see who in the company is using the technology effectively. Also considering the company has to pay per use of software the mapping could also be used to determine who has software and who really needs it. Needless to say this process could be utilized in countless ways.


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