Social Networking and Mapping

I think the mapping and social network analysis we studied using Gephi was very interesting. I can see this at work in Speech Pathology to link all of the primary disorders to secondary disorders in both medical and communication disorders respectively. For instance, the primary disorder would be autism, and the secondary disorder would be the different characteristics that define why the communication is disturbed. For disorders like articulation, there is no known cause, so the disorder would either become primary or just remain secondary. This is where I see it getting messy, but I still think it could work.

This would help the researchers in this field connect reasons for disorders and develop better therapy techniques and cures. For example, if we knew a common link to stuttering, we might be able to come to a conclusion as to what causes it. In addition to this communal report, I can see this in use on an individual basis. During an evaluation, the different aspects tested could be linked to come up with a more conclusive, solidified diagnosis. For instance, the client’s expressive and receptive language, word count, articulation, hearing, etc. could all be recorded based on severity, and with the help of the visual aide, a stronger analysis could be made.

Overall, I see this as a very useful tool that could advance my field greatly. I hope with more study in this field I will be able to take full advantage of this and help other Speech Pathologists.


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