Mapping & Social Network Analysis

In my field of Archaeology mapping and social network analysis can be very beneficial.

Mapping various forms of database narrows down the results of a search to a more specific and useful form of information. Mapping looks at a broad view of something and breaks it into new subjects which are common themes throughout the subject. It also links different subjects to one another like a web and allows the researcher to further their knowledge with a more rounded assertion.

Social network analysis can also be beneficial in presenting a thesis or database to an audience in another way. For example one could use social network analysis to analyze aspects of a culture’s social organization. This is a powerful tool for untangling the web of relationships amongst those social organizations. This also allows for a further insight into the subject and it may even reveal something that was not noticed before. Social network analysis allows for a deeper and more enlightened understanding of a subject and I suggest that those in my field should take advantage of this technology.

Also refer to:

Ashley Brown


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