Blast Magazine

Seeing the Blast magazine in person was a surprisingly different experience than seeing it online. I expected the two to be comparable if not the same, but that wasn’t the case. The block text in the manifestos toward the beginning of the magazine were definietly more impactful in the magazine. I would guess this is probably because I’m used to see gargantuan, bold text on a screen, but not on paper. I was surprised by the size of the magazine as well. Like the librarian said, it was printed on A2 sized paper instead  of 8 ½ x 11, and was much thicker than I would have expected. This gave the publication a certain gravity (literally, I guess) that it didn’t have when bieng viewed as a PDF.

I once heard an editor who had worked in both the print and online publication worlds mirror my feelings on this. He said that when he was producing a magazine he was more careful in choosing his words and choosing the content, because the physical medium had a better sense of permenance to it. Even though what he wrote online would exist longer and would never be subject to decay, it would be lost in the ether of a 24 hour news cycle quickly, while the magazine would stay the same for years to come. It was interesting to see then, that the Blast magazine we saw was in accordance with what that editor said, as it was still in the form its editors intended decades after its publication.


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