Digital Archive

Because I was sick and didn’t see the original archives, I will write on my impressions of the digital images and how I see the originals being different. In the digital, the coloring/shading probably appears differently than what would be seen in the original format. The tangibility of the papers probably adds affects of realism whereas the digital distances the reader, only portraying pure facts/information rather than a special tone or character of the piece. I imagine the pages have aged and have a unique nostalgic air about them, perhaps tugging at the sentimental side of viewers; whereas, the digital versions simply gave you a page with slightly blurry print that appeared nothing more than what a newer article might.

Beyond the downsides to this digital format come many benefits. Without this capability few would be able to ever read these materials, and I’m sure eventually they would be corrupted so that no one would ever benefit from them. This technology is extremely useful in preserving history and those things which anyone holds dear. I am grateful these technologies are present so I may continue to learn from generations past.


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