Original text in Digital format

The special collections section of the McFarland library has
long been an area I wanted to visit. Being surrounded by iconic literature and
timeless objects had a sense of importance. As an undergraduate there are few
reasons or incentives to venture to this much prized region of the library.
Most assignments and project tend to be traditional and constrain the available
resources to few mundane means of exploration. Students tend to exploit these
facts and stay within their individual area of comfort. The historic magazine “BLAST”
provided an intense awareness of history and culture. The 100 year old pages
had distinct deterioration, handling, and character. There were obvious flaws to
experience from the worn binding to the acid damage from the ink of the text.
Each flaw further embeds a feeling of vulnerability and the realism that there
is a finite amount of time any original document can last.

I possessed much more appreciation for the digital form of the
magazine, after I had the opportunity to examine the original. Digital format
has some key benefits but lacks the physical inputs that are received from a
traditional text of this age; feel, smell, look. The ability to provide this
magazine digitally allows whoever wishes to view it access at any moments
without the damages that would occur during use of the original.


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