Mapping and Social Networking in Marketing

Social interaction used to be based around solely face to face interactions.  Then it progressed to letters, to phone calls, to email, to today’s social media options of skype, facebook, twitter, etc.  The opportunities for advancements are plentiful and exciting, and the opportunities to individually utilize these technologies are just as fascinating.  Personally, I am very interested in the future advancements, because I am a Marketing Major.  Mapping and social network analysis could potentially be incredibly useful in the field of marketing.  Mapping could be extremely important to utilize because in order to properly market a product, you need to do a lot of market research for various regions, groups, ages, etc. Mapping could be used to properly track this data in a way that is efficient and easy to interpret.

Similarly, social network analysis, when utilized correctly, can be a major assistance to the field of marketing.  These days, it is near impossible to find a company that doesn’t currently utilize social media in some way, shape, or form.  If a company wants to get the word out about themselves, or one of their products, social media is one of the best ways to do it. Plus, it is basically free advertising.  If the marketing division of a company is not already currently utilizing social network analysis to their benefit, they are going to get left behind by the competition.  That is the best way to describe how potentially useful they are to the field of marketing.

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