Blast Magazine: Original versus Digital

Recently I was able to see both the original copy of a Blast magazine in the archive, and the digital version of a Blast magazine.    Both were unique in their own way.  First off, there was my experience with the archive.  I honestly did not even know that this place existed and it was really cool to get to take a tour and learn more about it.  I think it is really neat what they are doing, and it gives people an opportunity to view original copies of books, some of which are very rare.  This is an experience that is open to any TU student, but is one that very few students take advantage of.

The digital version on the other hand was different.  It was weird seeing the Blast magazine on the computer and knowing that it is actually a giant magazine in physical form.  The advantages to the digital version are that it makes it accessible to a much larger audience, it is much quicker to read through since you do not have to worry about being gentle with an aged physical version, and it helps to preserve the original copy by making it unnecessary to require the usage of the original text.  While the original material in the archive was a beautiful piece of literary history, it is also aged and should be handled with care to increase longevity.  The digital versions lack the same specialness of handling the original copy, but are both practical and reasonably important to spreading the information in the text and preserving the quality of the original.


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