Mapping and Social Networking 10/25

It is somewhat difficult for me to imagine how exactly mapping is utilized in my field, but that is not to say that it is not used. Mapping could potentially provide an accessible way of looking at land ownership, particularly in the case of split ownership or overriding royalties. The various links that mapping provides offer an effective way to keep track of large amounts of information in one area.

Social networking is easier to imagine. Most companies, energy companies included, already enjoy widespread use of social networking. People can follow oil and gas companies on twitter for updates on developments on certain projects or announcements on new deals. Leases can be negotiated via skype. One of the greatest developments of the information age for the world of business is the invention of social networking. It provides companies with a way to instantly recieve feedback from the populace. Companies who wish to compete in today’s market must utilize social networking.


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