Learning about reading literature on a screen rather than a physical book has affected my understanding of reading in Speech Language Pathology in a way I never imagined. When I first read this prompt, I started to think about how I could read my text books on an e-reader rather a book, or how I could turn notes and tests used in diagnostics into a digital format. But after I thought about it longer, I realized it means something more than that.

I thought about the kids, the kids using AACs (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) to communicate. Their world is digital. In viewing things like, hegirascope, and 2translation, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with the seemingly lack of cohesion. I felt like I wasn’t reading and couldn’t understand anything this so called “literature” was telling me. So as I began to think deeper into my field, I realized those children using iPads for all of their communication and those conversing with them must feel the same way – frustrated.

Beyond getting a deeper understanding of what these children must feel, I realized the importance and value of digital texts. Granted I still prefer books for reading, but having text digitized allows for better searches and research. I also understand how they give a different dimension compared to tangible books and can create whole new meanings, tones, and feels to literature.


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