After looking at some of the different sites during our last class period, including the hegirascope and, I have concluded that we can put various things on the internet, namely literature and tools relevant to what we do. However, if we do not connect them in the right manner, they will be of no use to us. When we looked at the hegirascope, we were given various literary passages. When presented in a logical flow, one can learn a lot about a particular subject matter or author based on the connections between the pieces. On the other hand, when presented in an illogical and seemingly unconnected manner, this produces only frustration and confusion for the readers, since they might not be sure what they should connect.

These ideas can be connected to my field, in that Mathematics is one of the most logic-based fields. A mathematics textbook can sometimes be difficult to understand as one moves from one section to the next. Yet, each new section builds on the next. In the same manner, a mathematician might use some conclusion that he or she has deduced in another problem order to arrive at a new conclusion. For example, in geometry, one needs certain angles and side lengths of a triangle in order to be able to calculate the others. However, if the textbook, or a written (or digitized) solution of the mathematician’s findings, or the order in which the triangle’s measurements were presented out of order, a reader would likely not understand how that method or conclusion was reached. Therefore, order and logic are very important for any subject matter in order for readers to have the greatest possible understanding of what is being presented to them.


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