Reading in my field.

With the new forms of technology and databases there are many different ways to read, leisurely as well as doing research. Our parents generation would have spent hours in the library finding books to do their term paper. Now students want to use the web, teachers have to put a limit on what kind of resources we use so that not all of them are electronic.

In reading of math and science I need to realize that the published works is not the only thing I can learn from. This is similar to reading books vs. going to google. Every form of information is different and is presented to you in a different manner. Each gives us another view of the knowledge we are getting. These days too we have blogs which could help us get a different point of view than what we had in mind. Web learning is a lot different than spending time in a library but both are useful ways to learn and to me neither is better than the other. I think using both makes your knowledge more broad and ultimately gives you a better understanding.


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