Reading in my Major

Reading in the energy management field is a key component of the job. The energy industy operates with heavy reliance on contractual agreement within companies and with outside organizations and indiviuals. Complex government regulations and mandates guide and consume enourmouse efforts to comply with regulator requirmments. Furthermore, property and mineral rights ownership is tracked back in time to the conception of the property (at least that’s the goal). Cairfull understanding of each of these areas and necissary to archieve success as a landman.

As the tangible form of texts, documents, and records move toward the intangible space of the digital age it has made vast amount of information available to us at an moments notice. As more records move onto this immeasurable platform the neccessity and need to venture out of the office and into the field will undoubtedly dwindle.  Comprehensive records become readily available as paper records merge with land survays, well logs, operating agreements, and seiamic geological data.


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