Digital Poetry

This weeks reading was really cool, some of the stuff people generated was amazing. The works I looked at were not the typical scence of vision I expected to see when thinking of poetry in fact I never read anything.

Andromeda was surprising. I expected a children’s book to be read to me and the screen to present it to me and 3-d. It was somewhat in that manner I guess a woman was holding a pop up book and slowly turning the pages and as you went through, small phrases describing the book would be said in her voice. Except it wasn’t clear it was repetitive and kind of creepy.

Against the screen mother f******, was probably my favorite. Through the whole thing I was expecting the soldier to finally freak out and shoot the screen but it never happened. I hope to one day get the chance to play in one those caves its amazing how far technology has come in such a short time.

The last one I really spent some time in was “Today I die” I didn’t really get the point of this poem but it was capturing I probably set there and killed the jellyfish for about twenty minutes. Finally I gave up, it’s like a never ending game.

Although these works are not alot like the traditional verse we think of as poetry, I think they are just as powerful and artistic as any other form of art.


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