Interactive Poetry

I chose to do Daniel Benmergui’s videogame/poem “Today I Die.” It was very interactive and I had to use his cheat sheet to tell me what to do. Once I had instructions I was very capable of moving through the game. I did this by moving certain objects on the screen until a word appeared or glowed; I would then replace the new word with an old one in the poem at the top of the screen. Every time I replaced a word, the scene changed, and the main character of the story (the girl) was faced with new obstacles. Once I reached the end I had the choice of going with a boy that appeared, or ignoring him; my choice changed the last line of the poem.

The text in this poem accomplished things a regular poem could not. By replacing words in the poem, and thereby changing the meaning of the poem, a transformation not found in a poem on paper could be seen. I could see how different words changed the meaning of the poem and how it affected the scene. It changed from a dark, pessimistic tone to a light, optimistic tone and I got to be part of the makeover of the poem. With a more interactive poem than just words on a paper, the reader is drawn into the stanza and asked to look closer, delve into a deeper meaning, and let the words heir on a personal side by making the reader interact and forcibly move the words. This outstanding poem brings new life to the meaning of literature.


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