Poetry Blog Post

The poem that caught my attention was “Today I Die”, by Daniel Benmergui. This poem was interesting because it begins like a video game and the graphics look like that of an old Atari game. The music is slow and depressing but that adds to the darkness of the poem. In this digital poem the user can switch the first word of the poem, which in turn changes the background of the graphics. I clicked around a lot and hit buttons on my keyboard to see if there was any other interaction to be made, but I did not have any luck. I think maybe the user can somehow play around with the graphics of the poem more, but I couldn’t figure it out.

I don’t really know what to think of most of the digital poetry we have been viewing and interacting with in class lately. Because I am so accustomed to reading poetry out of a book, I don’t know how to judge or analyze digital poetry. I think that digital poetry really takes it to the next level because of the ability to express the poem through user interaction. I also like how the digital poetry combines video, illustration and music along with the actual text of the poem. Overall I like digital poetry more than regular poetry because I am not really a big fan of poetry in the first place. I like the digital poetry more because it is more because I am actually able to engage and interact with the poem.

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