“Slippingglimpse” Poetry

After spending some time watching this video and using some of the different features available to the viewer, I determined that regardless, the video can be very confusing. The viewer sees what appears to be moving water, with words that may be of larger or smaller font on top of the image. One of the biggest problems for me was that the text color clashed with the background. For example, if the background was blue and white, the text was white, and if the background was bright green and black, then the text was bright green. This made reading very difficult. This idea also contrasts with the printed text, because most often we see black text on a white background. These two colors contrast one another, which makes it easy to see all of the words, regardless of what the text might be saying. In other words, this program makes the reading difficult, since it is difficult to see the text. Along with this, the words often appeared out of order and of different size font. This also contrasts with conventional print text, which is typically in order, left to right and top to bottom, and the words are all aligned in the same font size.

One can not change how the video is presented. The words will appear as they are programmed to, which is not in a very logical manner, but they still scroll up acros the screen. The viewer can choose to view the “scroll text”, which will at least show what words and phrases are being shown in the video. The viewer is also given the ability to stop the readable text, make it go slower or faster, or adjust a speed at which it goes backward, so the viewer does not have to start over. Unfortunately, this will not stop or change the movement of words or image on the video, but it will allow the viewer to take into better consideration what they are reading.

I have mentioned the most pressing issues when it comes to reading the text. However, a completely different problem arises from the fact that the readable text, as can be displayed via the “scroll text” option, is still not completely aligned as we are accustomed, with some lines left or right justified and sometimes in two different columns. Furthermore, even if these lines were written according to English custom, the words, phrases, and complete statements being made still do not make complete sense. For example, if read left to right, disregarding the column divider, “flattened into visibility:/ seeing is forgetting the name/ a 2-d sign of great spatial ambiguity/ of what you see”. If the columns are considered and the lines are read top to bottom, the left column says: “flattened into visibility:/ a 2-d sign of great spatial ambiguity” and the right column says: “seeing is forgetting the name/ of what you see”. If these were completely in context, they might make a little more sense, but this “poetry” still does not follow the conventional rules of order or sensable sentence structure. Granted, the inability to comprehend certain forms of poetry is sometimes difficult even with printed text. Therefore, at the very least, this method has taken a difficult task and made it even more so.


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