The Jabberwocky Engine

To begin the layout of the site begins with a remarkably simple and conservative design. No flashy animations or art catch your attention or distract you. This quickly changes as you click on the animation and random letters appear to by moving in kayos with one another. User interface is minimal and simplistic as the letters begin to collide and form words, or at least what could be words. The new forms become color coded and take on blue and then green when a single word combines with  another to form a compound word that is yet again fictitious. The irony of the engine is when a word that doesn’t make since forms, it turns red and then is ejected or thrown out, yet none of the words make since.

On the explanation page the author compares the individual “letters to atoms and words as molecules.” This may have some correlation to how the universe works. When observing a process from and external environment it may appear random in kayos, but in reality there are careful and meaningful relationships between objects. The text of the image combines the traditional letter and word formats found in traditional English and the complexity of animation the letters to form words with no known meaning or pronunciation, leaving the viewer with only one choice, to develope their own meaning.

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