Immersion and Digital Poetry

Throughout this semester, I’ve recognized many elements of videogames in the media we’ve studied, especially in the previous two weeks.

Video games are just like movies or books in that they attempt to convey a story to the user (or reader, or viewer). Games are unique though, in that they require interaction from the player for the story to progress. Though it may seem to the user like they are creating a narrative, they are actually just discovering what a narrative and an experience that was pre-planned for them by the developer.

I was reminded of this when we looked at examples of digital poetry. In Dreaming Methods: Clearance, it could seem at first like the user was having an experience unique to them, while in reality they are just being led along an immersive path and being shown exactly what the piece’s creator intended them to see.

I would be interested to see a piece of digital poetry that hid this leading of the character better by implementing a greater degree of control. I believe this would provide a better sense of immersion to the user, and consequently a more persuasive text.


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