Video Games

Video games actually seam to have a close relationship with most of the other forms of media we have explored this semester. Digital media in the form of poems, articles, and paper all seam to attempt to bring an additional dimension to the median than its traditional format. This is so apparent that some authors have even formatted their work in a relationship that required the reader to interact with the item as if it was a game. Video games could be seen as incorporating all the interface tools into one process: sight, sound, touch, varying options and outputs, control, and the allusion of free will. Video games allow users to escape to alternative reality to become and act as a completely independent person from their traditional self. This idea of placing an item or person into a nontraditional environment is the cornerstone of the digital media market today. The ability to manipulate video, text, and audio in a way that has been unexplored and unimaginable until advances in technology have made it possible. For the first time in history, authors have the ability to conceptualize their free roaming ideas and bring the reader along with them.


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