Video Games and other Media

After looking particularly at the Platform Studies website on “Play the Past”, I feel that video games can relate to many other media forms that we have looked at over this semester, including books, archives, etc. This is based on the fact that like these media types, video games can be very educational or informative. Along with this, there are various genres of both video games and the other forms of media. However, at the same time video games are generally used for recreational purposes. In other words, people used them for fun, rather than to learn history, cultural, etc. Although many books and other media sources are also used for personal enjoyment, it is much more likely that a teacher would have his or her students to read a book or search an archive than assign them to play a video game. This is not to say that video games, for fun or educational purposes, are a waste, but it does seem that their educational uses may be a little more limited than typical educational sources.


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