Week 13: Forms of Digital Fiction & Poetry

The poem I am choosing to write about is “Today I Die.”  I have never before seen something like “Today I Die” in my life.  It was so unique and different.  At first, I was a little confused about how to navigate around the game and what was going on overall.  After a few minutes of playing around and messing with different things, I began to figure it out more.

I liked how you could change a word in the poem.  This kind of interaction with poetry is something that was much unknown to me previously.  I enjoyed the fact that changing one single word could change the vibe or “feeling” of the poem and game.  The fact that it is about death is also interesting to me, because there is often death in games, as with poetry.  But I had never seen death incorporated in both at the same time, which I was skeptical of at first.  But after a little while of playing around with it, I realized the creator did a very good job of combining the two types of media into one creation.

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