Final: Graphic Design and Manipulation.

My video podcast shows how art manipulates people to see or feel how the artist wants them to feel. In some cases people buy things according to package or what is written on the package. Those designs are what makes the buyer actually buy the product. If the graphic design artist can get their product just right then the buyer would be hooked into the product. For example, movie theatre trailers are done my graphic design artists. They use manipulation to gather excitement or wanting in the body to make a person want to see a movie. Manipulation is used in many sources of everyday life. The gestalt theory is a main foundation of it and the theory is used as a type of therapy. Along with color scheme/themes in the world. People use those colors to make other people sense things or because they found a sense in that color themselves. Whether or not people are realizing it, they are being used in the sense that art is playing their emotions.


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