Final Project: ASD

For my final project, I used a wiki to host all sorts of useful information on Autism Spectrum Disorders. In addition, I made a multimedia essay over the different types of therapies used to treat these, which I put on the wiki along with the podcast I did earlier in the semester over Augmentative and Alternative Communication. I used the organizational tools of the wiki to format the information in a coherent and cohesive way that is easily searchable and understandable by the reader.

I ran into a LOT of problems I never expected. I am proud to say I understand more about different technologies and computer processes than I ever thought I could; however, it is a sad fact that computer still hate me, although maybe not as much as they once did. Though there were plenty of struggles, I am proud to say this project is a success.

I hope this site and videos will be an educator, helper, and tool for families, teachers, and even those just curious alike. I hope my passion and love for helping these disabilities can be seen through my work, and I hope to continue to press into the digital world to better improve my field of Speech Pathology.

Here’s my wiki!

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