Final Project

After an extensive amount of time and technical difficulties, I have completed my final project, which relates Mathematics to Art:

Two of the greatest issues in doing this project were content and technology. Although most word content was simple, the examples, particularly one on geometric design, took much time to formulate and present. As for the technology aspect, formatting required much work. There were many features that needed to be adjusted before I could upload images, symbols, and videos. However, just as complicated was the process for having the images to upload. All of my images came from a combination of scanned images that I personally made, graphs produced on Mathematica, pictures straight from the internet, and images that I produced on Wordle. Once all of these images were with the rest of my content on a Microsoft Word file, they had to be copied into Paint, where they were saved as jpeg files. These files were then uploaded onto Flickr, after which I was able to get the URL links to embed the images onto my page. Fortunately, the word content from the Microsoft Word file copied straight into the wiki.

In my project, I address the applications of Mathematics, and particularly how Art is not often on the top of that list. I go on to explain how, although we don’t usually think about Math in the visual arts, it is still an underlying feature. There are also a few examples of how Math can be applied to Art, whether in geometric design or abstract art, which include formulas, images, and videos.

After all of the work that this project required, I can say that I have a much greater understanding of the complexity involved in digital media. In my project I used a wiki, which included Wordle images, my podcast video, and several other types of media images. Media becomes especially complex when more types of media are used. Still, I have found this overall experience to be very helpful for a future closely tied to the digital world, for which I believe I am better prepared.


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