Video Games

There are many relationships I see between video games and the other forms of media we have looked at this semester. Many people do not realize how large the video game industry is. Just last month the largest entertainment launch in history was set by the Call of Duty franchise with their latest installment being Modern Warfare 3. In the first 24 hours of the release, MW3 grossed 400 million dollars and in just over two weeks the title grossed one billion dollars. With tens of millions of people playing this game the amount of social media is tremendous. The same goes for hundreds of other games that are released each year. Video game companies pay millions of dollars in advertisement each year for their games to be seen all over the internet.

With each update video game platforms are turning into entertainment platforms. I personally have an xbox 360 and more than half the time I am using the platform I am not playing video games. The two most well know video game platforms, xbox 360 and PS3, allow the user to do such things as play dvds and blu-ray discs, stream movies, browse the internet, update their Facebook status, tweet, watch YouTube clips, and countless other features. Video games have a major influence in media and will only continue to expand their influence.



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