Intellectual Introduction- Braden Turner

Hi everyone, my name is Braden Turner. I’m a sophomore English major here at TU. As an English major, you’ll probably be unsurprised to hear I like reading fiction, which I consider my main academic interest. Specifically, I enjoy modernist novels and poetry, but I also venture into postmodernist and contemporary works from time to time. I find that these works are the ones that best address the troubles of the modern man. A few of my favorite novels are Heart of Darkness, American Psycho, and Crime and Punishment.

Aside from literature, I also carry a heavy interest in politics. I’m sure my friends get tired of me rambling on and on about some politician or another. Closely related is economics, which is actually my minor. I find that it provides a nice black and white worldview to round out a liberal arts education. To sum up what drives these academic interests are a few questions: Who are we? What are we doing? What should we be doing?


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