Intellectual Introduction – Ricardo Roacho

Hello, my name is Ricardo Roacho and I am an International Business with French Major. As I mentioned during class my intellectual pastime is photography, what I find fascinating about photographs is that they allow us to look back at certain moments in life or to admire landscapes that we might not be able to witness again. Technology plays a very important part with photography as it allows us to share those moments with the world and edit our work in order to improve or provide a better appreciation.

As to my driving interests, I can say that ever since I was freshman in Highschool my father talked to me about succes and what being succesful was about so he gave me a book called ”Rich Dad, Poor Dad”  by a bussinessman called Robert Kiyosaki. In the book he exemplifies the importance of not being afraid of money and how to be smart about it among many other things, and ever since I read that book I have been fascinated by the different interpretations of what success really is and how people obatin power, money and fame through their own accomplishments.

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