Intellectual Introduction: Cole Welhoff

My name is Cole Welhoff and I am a Chemical Engineering freshman from Kansas City. Biographies are my favorite pieces of literature to read. Reading about someone’s personal journey to reach a a career goal or someone’s dedication to a certain subject fascinates me. One of my favorite books is Rocket Boys (October Sky) by Homer Hickam. The idea of asking a question like “How can I get to space?” and then starting from scratch and using trial and error to get as close to reaching that goal as possible is something that really spoke to me. I actually chose Chemical Engineering because of this book. Engineering is all about asking and answering questions. I’m very interested in how things work and how things can improve so I want to be able to ask myself “How can this be better?” and then have the educational background to improve upon a certain product or process. I want to create things that makes everyone’s life easier.


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