Intellectual Introduction: Jesse Haynes

My name is Jesse Haynes, and I dove into digital humanities class as a prospected method of learning more about the class’s subject matter, and how I can use it to better my attempt at self-platforming. I am a published novelist, and this means that I need to “brand” myself, in a sense. My first novel, a young adult science fiction novel entitled Creepers, released to the general public in October of 2014, and the sequel is in the publication process with a release date scheduled for early Spring 2016. That being said, digital humanities class seemed to be the perfect way to help broaden my understanding regarding how to better push myself and my book. I currently advertise on Twitter and Facebook, along with running a Google+, LinkedIn, a YouTube account (to which I frequently post “Author Update Vlogs”), and maintain my personal blog and website at, through which I also send bimonthly newsletters. (So feel free to sign up everybody! All you have to do is click HERE and you should be prompted to register. If not I have messed something up.)

I am pursuing a communications degree, but I would like to potentially get a minor in digital studies (or creative writing. I am not certain yet). My driving interests were formed – and continually evolve – while watching the successes of other people who are doing the very thing I want to do: write fiction. From James Patterson to James Dashner, I identified that virtually all mainstream fiction novelists connect to their audience in nearly every digital way conceivable.  This left me with a question: how can I do what they are doing? I began chasing the answers. With every innovation or breakthrough I make on the mental quest, it only opens the door to ten more, and that constant pursuit of the unattainable perfection is what led me to the University of Tulsa. Currently I am looking for ways to connect with a larger audience more efficiently, and this class seems like one that might hold the answer.


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