Intellectual Introduction – Jessica Meloy

Hey guys, my name is Jessica and I’m a freshmen Mechanical Engineering major. One of my favorite past times is reading. I’ve recently started reading books by the author Terry Goodkind, that have a really interesting undertone of communism vs. capitalism throughout the series. That ties into my favorite course/topic: political histories and the mindset groups have during major political shifts. I also really enjoy volunteering at FIRST Robotics where I work with elementary/middle school students who are building and programing Lego robots. I’m fascinated by the interactions of people who have worked in a field for years and someone who is entirely new to the field and the mindsets of both approaching the same problem that I see when working  at a FIRST Robotics events.  I always feel like I walk away having learned more from the student and the engineers who work with them than I contribute myself, but it’s an incredible opportunity to teach and be taught.


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