Intellectual Introduction: Lauren Kesterson

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren, I’m from Broken Arrow, just outside of Tulsa, and this is my sophomore year at TU. I’m studying for an English major and a Certificate in Creative Writing. I’ve been an avid reader ever since I was little, and I even taught my little sister to read before she ever reached kindergarten. Books are my life and my passion. Fiction books, at least. I also love short stories and poetry. It took me until middle school to realize that I wanted to delve into the realm of storytelling myself, and now I write poetry, short stories, and I’m developing several ideas for novels.

I was and still am a critically shy person, verging on agoraphobic, so stories were my way of escaping, a place where I could have friends and adventures when I couldn’t in real life. But lately, my mind when reading has been focused on the question that plagues both my writing and my day-to-day life, which is: What makes a relationship? Whether romantic or platonic, what is it that can create that inexplicable bond between two people? Every person is so vastly different from the next, so what is it that can allow them to connect with someone on such a deep level? I’m fascinated with psychology, so I’m often considering the psychological factors that can also play into relationships, such as the basic human need for communication, nature, nurture, mental wounds and illnesses, etc.

I would say some writers that have inspired me would be Lewis Carroll, Mary Shelley, Ayn Rand, and Rainbow Rowell. (Also, slightly less intellectually, I’m obsessed with binge-watching TV, and Youtube. I’m also the biggest nerd.)


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