Intellectual Introduction – Nina Bulling

My name is Nina and I am a transfer student so this will be my first semester at the University of Tulsa. My intellectual interests include languages, learning about different cultures, and reading which are reflected in my International Business and Spanish majors.

I was fortunate enough to grow up bilingual (English and German). In high school I took Latin for a few years, and have been learning Spanish. I think it is of utmost importance to learn at least a second language given that the world has become much more interactive and interdependent. This growing connectedness is greatly facilitated through technology. I myself use various media to talk to my family and friends in Germany every day.

Most of my life I have lived in Germany, but for the past four years I have been living in the United States. The longer I stay here, the more I realize how much the countries and the people differ from one another. This deeply fascinates me because it makes me wonder if I would still be the same person I am today if I had grown up here instead of Germany.

I enjoy reading about what is going on in the world. I have been reading a lot about the Greek economy and what possible solutions can be found and their repercussions. I am also highly interested in the situation with all the refugees who seek asylum in Europe and especially Germany. Although I am disappointed and shocked at times because some people react so negatively and viciously towards the people fleeing from conflict areas.

I look forward to reading everyone’s posts and having a good, informative semester.


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