Intellectual Introduction: Stacey Johnston

When I was young I went through phases, or rather, “mini-obsessions”. In the third grade, I discovered what the Titanic was. I was dumbfounded as to how this massive ship, which thousands of people contributed towards creating, managed to sink in such a seemingly obvious, yet tragic manner. I read about it, watched documentaries, and researched it for absolutely no reason, other than to settle my own curiosity. In the fifth grade, I heard about a man named Harry Houdini. I immediately began reading about his amazing feats and dazzling stunts, and soon started to practice a few magic tricks of my own. Sadly, my magic career was short-lived, as I quickly realized that magic is actually extremely challenging, and I wasn’t particularly gifted in that area. The phases have come and gone over the years, but I suppose I should probably get around to telling you about my current interests right about now, since that’s really all you wanted to know about in the first place. I would say that my most recent “phase” has also been the longest lasting. I’m almost ashamed to write it because of how basic and cliché it makes me feel, but here it is: fashion is my intellectual interest. Yes, I know¾ I’m officially just like every girl ever. Even so, I will at least defend my cheesy answer.

I fell in love with fashion some time around my freshman year of high school. Now, I will say that I enjoyed playing dress-up when I was a little girl and have been picking my outfits since I was 4, but I didn’t truly appreciate it as a form of art until high school. I think somewhere between the hideous neon paperclip earrings I wore in middle school and the discovery of fitted jeans in the ninth grade, I realized that fashion is whatever you choose to make it. It is art. It is a way to express yourself. Society has undoubtedly placed boundaries and rules on fashion, but whether you choose to confirm or ignore them is up to you. Mixing color schemes, deciding between a bold or simple lip color, updo versus leaving hair down: every detail changes the entire concept of an outfit. If you choose to do so, hours of thought can go into organizing these things. To me, one of the best parts about fashion is that every single day you get to start over. Was yesterday a little too over-the-top? Maybe I’ve been too tame this week. These shoes would have looked so much better with that last outfit. Each day is a do-over. But if you happen to find a particular collaboration that got you endless compliments, you get to repeat it was many times as your little heart desires! Maybe I’m the only one who gets excited about that. Probably. Anyways, my point is that fashion is fun and I like it a lot. In fact, I like it so much that I’m basing my career off it. (I had to have some sort of back up plan after my magician profession fell through). So, you’re probably thinking, “Oh! So you want to be a fashion designer? That’s cute. Good luck with that at Tulsa.” And to that, I would say, “Fair enough. But yeah, no.” I am currently majoring in business management with a minor in marketing. The long-term goal is to work on the business side of the fashion industry. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t be a fashion designer in Tulsa. If you want to do that, more power to you. It’s just hard and not my forte anyways.

So there you have it! You now know about my intellectual interests, circa 2004-2015. And yes, I consider fashion intellectual. It requires thought, analyzing, and creativity.


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