Intellectual Introduction: Zach Nathan

Blog Entry #1: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my blog! My first entry will be about what shapes my driving interests, both academic and otherwise. My driving interests are mainly formed by my curiosity and the environment around me. I have always been interested in engineering, not because I want to build or design things, but initially because I wanted to understand how things like my computer work and how to fix them and keep them running. I always want to answer the question “what can I do to make this work better?” It’s a little quirk of mine that whenever I use a computer, I impulsively run updates and other computer maintenance in the background. In terms of academic interest, I have always been more engaged in courses such as physics and mathematics than in courses like English and history. I suppose my accumulation of personal interests has come from the people around me, specifically my friends and family. Although I did not inherit my family’s love for sports, many of the shows and hobbies I picked up over the years came from my friends in high school, such as my more recently developed gaming group. My brother and I will occasionally play together as well, and hopefully we can continue that tradition now that I’m in college.Unfortunately, I am lacking when it comes to having an array of famous people I look to for inspiration, but I am an avid reader of fiction books, mainly those in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, although I do not have a specific author I favor.

Well, that’s about all I can think of for now. The End.


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