Intellectual Introductions: Kate Leahy

Hello, I am Kate Leahy. I am from the fabulous St. Louis, Missouri. STL is home of toasted ravioli, provel cheese on pizza, gooey butter cake, and diehard Cardinals fans. I am a freshman at The University of Tulsa, working towards a Speech Pathology Major and I’m thinking about minoring in Business to hopefully open a practice one day.

My favorite intellectual past time is watching documentaries (Lifetime movies are my favorites). I love learning about people’s personal experiences and how they have changed them. I also love learning about what is currently going on in our world. I am intrigued by the generational gaps caused by technology. Is technology causing a greater generation gap? I am also interested in the science behind advertising: how humans brains pick up and store certain colors or phrases more than others. I hope to learn the in-depth meaning of “digital” by the end of this semester.


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